Injector & Carburetor cleaner

Injector & Carburetor cleaner

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Universal carburetor cleaner. 

The product is designed for quick and efficient cleaning of carburetors, injector gate, as well as air and fuel lines. It easily removes all types of contamination (vanish, oil and gasoline films, scales, sediments, and dust) from the fuel system of a car.

  • Cleans the carburetor parts (chokes, float chambers, jets, and channels), thus, restoring their initial performances
  • Restores mobility of injector chokers
  • Removes contaminations from the air introduction manifold and fuel system
  • Increases engine power and acceleration
  • Reduces the content of harmful exhausts into the atmosphere
  • Decreases fuel consumption
  • Safe for catalytic converters and oxygen sensors


To clean a carburetor.

  • Take off the air filter
  • Start the engine
  • Shake the can
  • Spray liberally onto all visible carburetor parts. While cleaning, keep up increased engine rpm with a choker lever. 

To clean an injector (gate and air line). 

  • Shake the can
  • Spray the CLEANER onto the choker (into the air inlet) while the engine is warm and not working
  • Start the engine, keep up the increased engine rpm with a choker lever for 3–5 minutes

For complex cleaning (fuel tank, pipelines, jets, inlet valves, spark plugs, and combustion chambers).  Before fueling, spray the CLEANER into the filler neck of a fuel tank (for 10–15 seconds for 20 liters of fuel).