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Conditioner of rubber and plastic Very Lube

Conditioner of rubber and plastic Very Lube

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Spray conditioner designed to take care of rubber and plastic articles.

The product is designed to restore the original color of rubber and plastic parts. It is used to treat tires, bumpers, moldings, mirrors, dashboard and other rubber and plastic parts of cars. It is an effective alternative for washing the under-hood space of an engine. After application parts look as new as if they have just been taken off of the conveyer.

  • Cleans micro-cracks and scratches from dirt and fills them in
  • Gives original color and shine to the rubber and plastic parts
  • Protects them from fading and cracking


  • Shake the can
  • Spray a thin layer onto the surface to be treated
  • Wipe off with a napkin


Surfaces do not require polishing after treatment.